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Scalia, Vincenzo - Crime, Networks and Power, e-bok

Crime, Networks and Power

Scalia, Vincenzo


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Vincenzo Scalia
2. The Research of the Giuseppe Impastato Research Centre on the Mafia Phenomenon: More Than Thirty Years of Meticulous Study
Vincenzo Scalia
3. The Mafia in the Post-Fordist Era

Depaepe, Marc - Educational Research: Networks and Technologies, e-bok

Educational Research: Networks and Technologies

Depaepe, Marc


Table of contents
1. Networks and Technologies: On the Continuity and Change of Educational Research and Practice
Paul Smeyers, Marc Depaepe
2. www.thedevelopmentofknowledge.net
David Bridges, Michael Watts
3. Networks, Information Politics and the New Paradigm of Social Production
Michael A. Peters,