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Miller, Helena - International Handbook of Jewish Education, e-bok

International Handbook of Jewish Education

Miller, Helena


Analytic Philosophy of Education and Jewish Education: The Road Not Taken
Barry Chazan
3. Community Engagement: The Challenge of Connecting Jewish Schools to the Wider Community
Helena Miller
4. Culture: Restoring

Chazan, Barry - Cultures and Contexts of Jewish Education, e-bok

Cultures and Contexts of Jewish Education

Chazan, Barry


Table of contents
1. Pre-Modern Jewish Education
Barry Chazan, Robert Chazan, Benjamin M. Jacobs
2. The Crisis of Modernity
Barry Chazan, Robert Chazan, Benjamin M. Jacobs
3. America: Contexts and Cultures
Barry Chazan, Robert Chazan, Benjamin M. Jacobs
4. The Culture of American Jewish Schooling

Gur-Ze’ev, Ilan - Diasporic Philosophy and Counter-Education, e-bok

Diasporic Philosophy and Counter-Education

Gur-Ze’ev, Ilan


The Posibility of a New Critical Language from the Sources of Jewish Negative Theology
Ilan Gur-Ze’ev
9. Education in the World of Diasporas
Zygmunt Bauman
10. Nomadism: Against Methodological Nationalism
Rosi Braidoti
11. The Coexistence

Dobson, Stephen - Learning Cities, e-bok

Learning Cities

Dobson, Stephen


Table of contents
1. Introducing Learning Cities
Sue Nichols
Part I. Multimodal Explorations of the City
2. Researching and Photographing Cities: Getting Started
Caroline Knowles
3. Coming to Our Senses: Multiculturalism, Urban Sociology and ‘the Other’ Senses
Alex Rhys-Taylor
4. English Literacies

Veer, René van der - Vygotsky’s Notebooks, e-bok

Vygotsky’s Notebooks

Veer, René van der


Table of contents
1. A Tragicomedy of Strivings
Ekaterina Zavershneva, René van der Veer
2. Jewry and World History
Еkaterina Zavershneva, René van der Veer
3. The Book of Fragments
Еkaterina Zavershneva, René van der Veer
4. The Jewish Question
Ekaterina Zavershneva, René van der Veer

Alayan, Samira - Multiple Alterities, e-bok

Multiple Alterities

Alayan, Samira


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Views of Others in School Textbooks—A Theoretical Analysis
Samira Alayan, Elie Podeh
2. When Europe Meets the Middle East: Constructing Collective Identities in Social Studies Textbooks for a Globalising World
Falk Pingel
3. Palestine: The Unseen Conflict over the Hidden

Daun, Holger - Nation-Building, Identity and Citizenship Education, e-bok

Nation-Building, Identity and Citizenship Education

Daun, Holger


Table of contents
I. Main Trends and Issues in Identity and Citizenship Education
1. Nation-Building, Identity and Citizenship Education: Introduction
Joseph Zajda
2. Globalisation, Nation-Building, and Cultural Identity: The Role of Intercultural Dialogue*
Joseph Zajda
3. Globalization, Identities, and