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Allen, Judith - Housing and Welfare in Southern Europe, e-bok

Housing and Welfare in Southern Europe

Allen, Judith


However, much of this analysis is rooted without question in the welfare states of northern Europe – there has been almost no research published in English on the provision of housing in southern Europe.

Brennan, Louis - The Emergence of Southern Multinationals, e-bok

The Emergence of Southern Multinationals

Brennan, Louis


Introducing Southern Multinationals and their Impact on Europe
Louis Brennan
Part II. Quantifying the Emergence of Southern Multinationals
2. The Rise of TNCs from the South
Hafiz Mirza, Axèle Giroud, Hwee Wee
3. Data Constraints in the Analysis

Hafner, Manfred - The European Gas Markets, e-bok

The European Gas Markets

Hafner, Manfred


The Potential Role of Gas in Decarbonizing Europe: A Quantitative Assessment
Carlo Carraro, Massimo Tavoni, Thomas Longden, Giacomo Marangoni
3. What Outlook for European Gas Demand? An Overview of Possible Scenarios
Anouk Honoré
4. Impact of German

Harlaftis, Gelina - The World’s Key Industry, e-bok

The World’s Key Industry

Harlaftis, Gelina


Business Groups and Entrepreneurial Families in Southern Europe: Comparing Greek and Spanish Shipowners in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Gelina Harlaftis, Jesús M. Valdaliso
15. Epilogue: A Key Industry or an

Conrady, Roland - Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 2009, e-bok

Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 2009

Conrady, Roland


Developing Southern Mediterranean Tourism:The Interface Between Strategy and Sustainability
Campbell C. Thomson, Harald Jahn
10. Film Tourism – Locations Are the New Stars
Stefan Zimmermann, Tony Reeves
11. Brands as Destinations – The New Tourism