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Gosling, Jonathan - Fictional Leaders, e-bok

Fictional Leaders

Gosling, Jonathan


A Wild Sheep Chase: Haruki Murakami
Chris Land, Martyna Sliwa, Sverre Spoelstra
11. Leadership and Expectation: Thomas Pynchon
Peter Pelzer, Peter Case
12. Leadership: The Madness of the Day by Maurice Blanchot
Hugo Letiche, Jean-Luc Moriceau

Burch, Geoffrey - The Way of the Dog: The Art of Making Success Inevitable, e-bok

The Way of the Dog: The Art of Making Success Inevitable

Burch, Geoffrey


And if you don't know where you're going or what you need to make you happy, the sheepdog will show you how to recognise a sheep and not to waste time with goats. The Way of the Dog offers timeless, accessible, fast-paced, funny and memorable advice. Inspiring lifestyle

Atasu, Atalay - Environmentally Responsible Supply Chains, e-bok

Environmentally Responsible Supply Chains

Atasu, Atalay


Owls, Sheep and Dodos: Coping with Environmental Legislation
Atalay Atasu, Luk N. Wassenhove, Douglas Webber
12. Ignore, Avoid, Abandon, and Embrace: What Drives Firm Responses to Environmental Regulation?
David F. Drake, Robin L. Just
13. Strategic