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Addison, Tony - Making Peace Work, e-bok

Making Peace Work

Addison, Tony


Achieving Peace, Participation and Prosperity
Tony Addison, Tilman Brück
3. Economic Agendas in Civil Wars: What We Know, What We Need to Know
David M. Malone, Heiko Nitzschke
4. The Coherence of Democratic Peacebuilding
Peter Burnell
5. Ethics,

Idowu, Samuel O. - Corporate Social Responsibility, e-bok

Corporate Social Responsibility

Idowu, Samuel O.


Business and Social Peace Processes: How Can Insights from Post-conflict Studies Help CSR to Address Peace and Reconciliation?
Natascha Mueller-Hirth
Part III. Theoretical Corporate Social Responsibility
9. Re-conceiving

Jallow, Baba G. - Leadership in Colonial Africa, e-bok

Leadership in Colonial Africa

Jallow, Baba G.


The Case for African Leadership Studies and Leadership in Colonial Africa: An Introduction
Baba G. Jallow
2. Chiefs and Protectorate Administration in Colonial Gambia, 1894–1965
Hassoum Ceesay
3. Human Rights and National Liberation: The Anticolonial

Mavrotas, George - Advancing Development, e-bok

Advancing Development

Mavrotas, George


Violence in Peace: Understanding Increased Violence in Early Post-conflict Transitions and Its Implications for Development
Marcia Byrom Hartwell
Part III. Human Development and Wellbeing
9. International Convergence or Higher Inequality in Human Development?