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Benowitz, Ellen A. - CliffsQuickReview Principles of Management, e-bok

CliffsQuickReview Principles of Management

Benowitz, Ellen A.


Whether you're a new managerial professional or a student who's decided upon a career in business, government, or educational management, CliffsQuickReview Principles of Management can help. This guide provides a valuable introduction

Holloway, Jacky - Performance Management, e-bok

Performance Management

Holloway, Jacky


The Characteristics of Performance Management Research — Implications and Challenges
Richard Thorpe, Tony Beasley
3. Performance Management: A Framework for Analysis
David Otley
4. Currents and Controversies in

Lauer, Thomas - Change Management, e-bok

Change Management

Lauer, Thomas


Change Management – Der Weg zum Ziel
Thomas Lauer
2. Auslöser von Unternehmenswandel
Thomas Lauer
3. Hemmnisse des Wandels
Thomas Lauer
4. Ursachen gescheiterten Unternehmenswandels
Thomas Lauer
5. Ein Erfolgsfaktorenmodell des Change

Klikauer, Thomas - Management Communication, e-bok

Management Communication

Klikauer, Thomas


Introduction: Communication in Management, Work and Society
Thomas Klikauer
2. Communication I: Basic Contexts at Work
Thomas Klikauer
3. Communication II: Signs and Meanings
Thomas Klikauer
4. Distorted Communication I: Classifications

Mead, Richard - International Management, e-bok

International Management

Mead, Richard


As in previous editions of this popular text on cross-cultural management, students will find here an invaluable guide to key management theories, linked to practical examples from all round the world. The book's key distinctive feature remains its truly

Butcher, Tim - Supply Chain Management and Knowledge Management, e-bok

Supply Chain Management and Knowledge Management

Butcher, Tim


Supply Chain Management: Transforming Supply Chains into Integrated Knowledge Value Chains
1. Innovation in Distributed Networks and Supporting Knowledge Flows
Irene J. Petrick, Nicolai Pogrebnyakov
2. The Role of Knowledge Sharing in a Supply Chain

Berndt, Ralph - Erfolgreiches Management, e-bok

Erfolgreiches Management

Berndt, Ralph


Der unterschätzte Einfluss des mittleren Managements bei der Implementierung von Strategien – Wege zu einer partizipativen Strategieumsetzung
Thomas Hagmann
7. Sensitivitätsanalysen – Besseres Verständnis der Auswirkungen und des Zusammenhangs kritischer