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Neumann, Jan - Change Monitoring in Veränderungsprozessen, e-bok

Change Monitoring in Veränderungsprozessen

Neumann, Jan


Messung von effektiver Führung in Veränderungsprojekten anhand verschiedener Fallbeispiele
Hans- Henrik Jørgensen-Lyon, Oliver Brühl, Neele Franke
7. HR Excellence bei der SCHOTT AG – Globales Change Monitoring bei der Implementierung eines innovativen

Very, Philippe - The Management of Mergers and Acquisitions, e-bok

The Management of Mergers and Acquisitions

Very, Philippe


"The Management of Mergers and Acquisitions is far away from the perfect, polished presentations of the merchant bankers in which value creation is all too often just the result of a well-executed PowerPoint presentation.
Philippe Very takes us into the real world where management is the key word - management of the

Allen, Jeffrey G. - The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book, e-bok

The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book

Allen, Jeffrey G.


"The ultimate job interview book! A systematic, foolproof way to generate offers. No job seeker should be without it."
-National Job Market
"The programmed system works because it is a simple, practical, proven way to interview properly. Use it to win the interview and win the job!"
-Mary Lyon, Associated Press