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Beck, Ulrich - German Europe, e-bok

German Europe

Beck, Ulrich


The euro crisis is tearing Europe apart. But the heart of the matter is that, as the crisis unfolds, the basic rules of European democracy are being subverted or turned into their opposite, bypassing parliaments, governments and EU institutions. Multilateralism is turning into unilateralism,

Talani, Leila Simona - Europe in Crisis, e-bok

Europe in Crisis

Talani, Leila Simona


Introduction: Europe in Crisis: A Structural Analysis
Leila Simona Talani
Part I. The Structural Dimension
2. The Eurozone Crisis: Between the Global Financial Crisis and the Structural Imbalances of the EMU
Leila Simona Talani
3. EMU and Structural

Winkler, Adalbert  - Banking and monetary policy in Eastern Europe, e-bok

Banking and monetary policy in Eastern Europe

Winkler, Adalbert


Banking and monetary policy in Eastern Europe -The first ten years At the beginning of the transition process, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe faced the task of creating a functioning financial system where none had existed before. A decade

Baimbridge, Mark - The Segmentation of Europe, e-bok

The Segmentation of Europe

Baimbridge, Mark


Table of contents
1. Segmentation Across Europe
Mark Baimbridge, Ioannis Litsios, Karen Jackson, Uih Ran Lee
Part I. The Economics of Integration and Policy
2. Theoretical Foundations of European Economic Integration
Mark Baimbridge,…

Fiordelisi, Franco - Bancassurance in Europe, e-bok

Bancassurance in Europe

Fiordelisi, Franco


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Franco Fiordelisi, Ornella Ricci
2. The Development of Bancassurance in Europe
Ornella Ricci
3. Bancassurance Products
Maria Grazia Starita
4. The Bancassurance Market in Europe

Marelli, Enrico - Europe and the Euro, e-bok

Europe and the Euro

Marelli, Enrico


Table of contents
1. A Progressively Integrated European Community within the Global Economy
Enrico Marelli, Marcello Signorelli
2. The European Monetary Union and OCA Theories: A Common Currency Awaiting a Real Economic Union
Enrico Marelli,…

Roselli, Alessandro - Money and Trade Wars in Interwar Europe, e-bok

Money and Trade Wars in Interwar Europe

Roselli, Alessandro


Table of contents
Part I. The Gold Standard Reinstated
1. War Reparations and Hyperinflation in Germany
Alessandro Roselli
2. The Reichsmark: Stabilization and Foreign Loans
Alessandro Roselli
3. Golden Fetters Revisited
Alessandro Roselli
Part II. The Gold Standard Collapse: Nationalism and Bilateralism