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Nedović-Budić, Zorica - The Urban Mosaic of Post-Socialist Europe, e-bok

The Urban Mosaic of Post-Socialist Europe

Nedović-Budić, Zorica


The Driving Forces of Post-Socialist Change
1. The urban mosaic of post-socialist Europe
Zorica Nedovic-Budic, Sasha Tsenkova, Peter Marcuse
2. Beyond transitions: Understanding urban change in post-socialist cities
Sasha Tsenkova
3. Institutional

Bains, Gurnek - Cultural DNA: The Psychology of Globalization, e-bok

Cultural DNA: The Psychology of Globalization

Bains, Gurnek


, Latin America, Europe, China, India, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and Australia. Additionally, an extensive database of 30,000 leaders provides insights to inform the reader.
The book addresses questions such as: What are the challenges for leaders from

Munkert, Michael J. - Founding a Company, e-bok

Founding a Company

Munkert, Michael J.


Cross-Border Operations and Enlargement of European Union as Driving Forces for Pan-European Expansion Strategies
Torsten Wulf, Stephan Stubner
2. Legislatory Need for a Handbook on Legal Forms in Europe and Selection of

Kobayashi-Hillary, Mark - Building a Future with BRICs, e-bok

Building a Future with BRICs

Kobayashi-Hillary, Mark


Eastern Europe as Most Promising Market
Alexander Egorov
7. Dreaming with BRICs
Dmitry Ponomarev
Part III:. India
8. Globalisation — There Is Much to Gain
Shiv Nadar
9. Sourcing Without Borders — Sourcing in a Flattening World