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Hu, Bo - Operations Research Proceedings 2010, e-bok

Operations Research Proceedings 2010

Hu, Bo


Operations Research at the Swiss Military Academy: Supporting Military Decisions in the 21st Century
Peter T. Baltes, Mauro Mantovani, Beat Suter
94. Formalization of Models for the Analysis of the Phenomenon of Cross-Culture in a Multi-Ethnic Scholastic Environment

Zaric, Gregory S. - Operations Research and Health Care Policy, e-bok

Operations Research and Health Care Policy

Zaric, Gregory S.


Review of Operations Research Tools and Techniques Used for Influenza Pandemic Planning
David W. Hutton
Part IV. Pharmaceutical Policy
12. Active Vaccine and Drug Surveillance
Margrét V. Bjarnadóttir, David Czerwinski
13. Application of Operations

Boucherie, Richard J. - Markov Decision Processes in Practice, e-bok

Markov Decision Processes in Practice

Boucherie, Richard J.


Stratified Breast Cancer Follow-Up Using a Partially Observable MDP
J. W. M. Otten, A. Witteveen, I. M. H. Vliegen, S. Siesling, J. B. Timmer, M. J. IJzerman
8. Advance Patient Appointment Scheduling
Antoine Sauré, Martin L. Puterman
9. Optimal Ambulance

Cox, Louis Anthony - Risk Analysis of Complex and Uncertain Systems, e-bok

Risk Analysis of Complex and Uncertain Systems

Cox, Louis Anthony


Table of contents
2. Quantitative Risk Assessment Goals and Challenges
Louis Anthony Cox
3. Introduction to Engineering Risk Analysis
Louis Anthony Cox
4. Introduction to Health Risk Analysis
Louis Anthony Cox
5. Limitations of Risk Assessment Using Risk Matrices
Louis Anthony Cox
6. Limitations