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Khawar, Mariam - The Geography of Underdevelopment, e-bok

The Geography of Underdevelopment

Khawar, Mariam


Whither Geography? Reviewing its Impact on Economic Development
Mariam Khawar
2. Pinpointing the Tropical Effect – The Relevance of Climate
Mariam Khawar
3. North Versus South – An Examination of Regional Comparative Development in Italy and Brazil

Miron, John R. - The Geography of Competition, e-bok

The Geography of Competition

Miron, John R.


Table of contents
1. The Craft of the Story Teller
John R. Miron
2. The Firm at Home and Abroad
John R. Miron
3. Logistics and Programming
John R. Miron
4. The Struggling Masses
John R. Miron
5. Arbitrage in the Grand…

Tinguely, Xavier - The New Geography of Innovation, e-bok

The New Geography of Innovation

Tinguely, Xavier


The Geography of Innovation in a Globalized Economy
Xavier Tinguely
Part III. The Distribution of Inventive Activity — Evidence from Patent Data in Switzerland and Focus on the Basel Pharmaceutical Cluster
8. Geographical Distribution of Inventive Activities

McCann, Philip - Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Geography and Growth, e-bok

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Geography and Growth

McCann, Philip


Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Geography and Growth provides a timely, accessible review of our understanding of the complex links between innovation, entrepreneurship, geography and growth. Expert contributions provide a thorough roadmap of the developments

Black, Grant - The Geography of Small Firm Innovation, e-bok

The Geography of Small Firm Innovation

Black, Grant


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. The Small Business Innovation Research Program
3. Geography and Innovation
4. Evaluating Innovative Activity
5. Metropolitan Sbir Activity in the 1990s
6. Agency Effects in Federally Funded Innovation
7. Metropolitan Patent Activity in the 1990s
8. Conclusion

Cook, Gary - The Changing Geography of International Business, e-bok

The Changing Geography of International Business

Cook, Gary


Introduction: The Changing Geography of International Business
Gary Cook, Jennifer Johns
2. Flatness: The Global Disaggregation of Value Creation
Ram Mudambi
Part I. Institutional Perspectives on International Business
3. Outward Foreign Direct Investment

Zazzaro, Alberto - The Changing Geography of Banking and Finance, e-bok

The Changing Geography of Banking and Finance

Zazzaro, Alberto


The Changing Geography of Banking and Finance: The Main Issues
Pietro Alessandrini, Michele Fratianni, Alberto Zazzaro
3. Financial Innovation, Organizations, and Small Business Lending
Gregory F. Udell
4. Does Distance Matter in Banking?

Matias, Álvaro - Tourism Economics, e-bok

Tourism Economics

Matias, Álvaro


Table of contents
1. Impact of Tourism
Álvaro Matias, Peter Nijkamp, Manuela Sarmento
2. Education of Human Capital as a Source of Competitiveness in Tourist Destinations
Sandra M. Sánchez-Cañizares, Tomás J. López-Guzmán, Helena…

Matias, Álvaro - Impact Assessment in Tourism Economics, e-bok

Impact Assessment in Tourism Economics

Matias, Álvaro


Table of contents
1. Editorial Introduction
João Romão, Peter Nijkamp, Álvaro Matias
Part I. Socio-Economic Impacts of Tourism
2. Propensity to Travel: What Is the Macro-Data Telling Us?
Ivan Kožić, Josip Mikulić, Damir Krešić