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Phillips, Ronnie J. - Rock and Roll Fantasy?, e-bok

Rock and Roll Fantasy?

Phillips, Ronnie J.


Table of contents
1. So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star?
Ronnie J. Phillips
2. Hitsville: Writing a Hit Song
Ronnie J. Phillips
3. Innovation: Will You Ever Hear Surf Music Again?
Ronnie J. Phillips
4. Contracts: You Never…

Fotaki, Marianna - The Psychosocial and Organization Studies, e-bok

The Psychosocial and Organization Studies

Fotaki, Marianna


Narrative, Fantasy and Mourning: A Critical Exploration of Life and Loss in Assisted Living Environments
Jason Glynos, Karen West, Barbara Hagger, Rachel Shaw
10. The Doctor/Manager Relationship as a Psychosocial Encounter: A Scene of Fantasy and Domination?

Haan, Erik - Learning with colleagues, e-bok

Learning with colleagues

Haan, Erik


Downward spirals: fantasies and limitations
Erik Haan
Part IV. From consultation groups to learning networks
19. Peer consultation as a complement to education and practice
Erik Haan
20. Extension I: Short-cycle learning
Erik Haan
21. Extension

Florent-Treacy, Elizabeth - The Coaching Kaleidoscope, e-bok

The Coaching Kaleidoscope

Florent-Treacy, Elizabeth


Bringing the Clinical Paradigm into Executive Education Programs: Fantasies, Anxieties, and Hopes
Konstantin Korotov
3. Are You Feeling Mad, Bad, Sad, or Glad?
Manfred F. R. Kets Vries
Part Two. Creating Reflective Practitioners
4. Case Studies of