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Gretschmann, Klaus - Revolutionising EU Innovation Policy, e-bok

Revolutionising EU Innovation Policy

Gretschmann, Klaus


Revisiting Innovation: Revolutionising European Innovation Policy by Means of an Innovation Ecosystem
Klaus Gretschmann, Stefan Schepers
2. The Benefits and Rewards of Innovation Policies
Morten Rasmussen
3. Icarus or Sisyphus: Innovation Between Hype,

Katada, Saori N. - Competitive Regionalism, e-bok

Competitive Regionalism

Katada, Saori N.


Explaining FTA Proliferation: A Policy Diffusion Framework
Mireya Solís, Saori N. Katada
Part I. Thematic Chapters
2. Exclusion Fears and Competitive Regionalism in East Asia
Shujiro Urata
3. Political-Security Competition and the FTA Movement:

Beretta, Silvio - Understanding China Today, e-bok

Understanding China Today

Beretta, Silvio


China’s Foreign Policy and Ideational Narratives: Key Trends and Major Challenges
Silvia Menegazzi
Part II. China in the International Economy
11. National Egoism or Cooperation in Providing Global Public Goods? China’s Foreign Economic Strategy Under

Men, Honghua - China in the Xi Jinping Era, e-bok

China in the Xi Jinping Era

Men, Honghua


Tradition, Cultural Modernization, and Soft Power
Yingchun Sun
10. Defining and Safeguarding Priorities in China’s National Security
Xi Xiao
11. China as a Leading State in the International System
Christopher R. Hughes
12. China’s Position

Manimala, Mathew J. - Entrepreneurship Education, e-bok

Entrepreneurship Education

Manimala, Mathew J.


Influence of Individual and Socio-cultural Factors on Entrepreneurial Intention
Bindu Singh, Pratibha Verma, M. K. Rao
9. Relationship between Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Intentions: A Validation Study
Preeti Tiwari, Anil K. Bhat, Jyoti

Kaneda, Toshiyuki - Simulation and Gaming in the Network Society, e-bok

Simulation and Gaming in the Network Society

Kaneda, Toshiyuki


Understanding the History of International Politics: A Retrospective and Repeated Type of Gaming and Simulation in the Classroom
Masataka Tamai, Atsushi Kondo, Noboru Miyawaki
12. Gamification in Education: “American Dream” Game
Anna Pikos, Tomasz

Costabile, Lilia - Institutions for Social Well-Being, e-bok

Institutions for Social Well-Being

Costabile, Lilia


European Union Social Policy in a Globalising Context
Anthony B. Atkinson
3. Conditions of Social Vulnerability, Work and Low Income: Evidence for Europe in Comparative Perspective
Teresa Munzi, Timothy Smeeding
4. The Enforcement-Equality Trade-off