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Kaiser, Stephan - Creating Balance?, e-bok

Creating Balance?

Kaiser, Stephan


Table of contents
1. Integrating Professional Work and Life: Conditions, Outcomes and Resources
Cornelia U. Reindl, Stephan Kaiser, Martin L. Stolz
2. Introducing Theoretical Approaches to Work-Life Balance and Testing a New Typology Among…

Derval, Diana - Hormones, Talent, and Career, e-bok

Hormones, Talent, and Career

Derval, Diana


Table of contents
1. We are Our Hormones
Diana Derval, Johan Bremer
2. Unlock your Hormonal Quotient® (HQ)
Diana Derval, Johan Bremer
3. Find the Right Career Path
Diana Derval, Johan Bremer
4. Build a Winning Team

Aruka, Yuji - Economic Foundations for Social Complexity Science, e-bok

Economic Foundations for Social Complexity Science

Aruka, Yuji


The Evolution of Behavioural Institutional Complexity
J. Barkley Rosser, Marina V. Rosser
5. Agent-Based Models and Their Development Through the Lens of Networks
Shu-Heng Chen, Ragupathy Venkatachalam
6. Calculus-Based Econophysics with Applications