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Genovese, Michael A. - Leadership and the Liberal Arts, e-bok

Leadership and the Liberal Arts

Genovese, Michael A.


The Liberal Arts and Leadership Learning
Thomas E. Cronin
4. Can Study of the Liberal Arts Prepare Both Effective Leaders and Productive Citizens?
Richard Ekman
Part II. Integrating Leadership into the Liberal Arts

Puu, Tönu - Arts, Sciences, and Economics, e-bok

Arts, Sciences, and Economics

Puu, Tönu


Table of contents
1. Culture and Civilization
2. Public Goods
3. Patronage
4. Changing Attitudes
5. Evolution in Science
6. Perfection in Art
7. Economic Principles
Printing: not available

Zan, Luca - Managerial Rhetoric and Arts Organizations, e-bok

Managerial Rhetoric and Arts Organizations

Zan, Luca


Table of contents
1. Arts Organizations between Uses and Abuses of Managerial Rhetoric
Luca Zan
2. Management and the British Museum: Competing Rhetorics and Identities
Luca Zan
3. Management Control and Managerial Rhetoric in Italian Public Sector Cultural Institutions
Luca Zan
4. Managerialization

Thomas, Michele - Culinary Careers For Dummies, e-bok

Culinary Careers For Dummies

Thomas, Michele


The fast and easy way to find your place in the culinary field
Ever dream of exploring an exciting career in culinary arts or cooking but don't know where to begin? Culinary Careers For Dummies is the perfect book for anyone who dreams of getting into the culinary profession. Whether

Zorloni, Alessia - The Economics of Contemporary Art, e-bok

The Economics of Contemporary Art

Zorloni, Alessia


Table of contents
1. The Economics of Creativity Between Culture, Innovation, and Competitiveness
Alessia Zorloni
2. The System of Contemporary Art
Alessia Zorloni
3. Contemporary Art Markets and Supporting Sectors
Alessia Zorloni

Ricca, Manfredi - Meta-Luxury, e-bok


Ricca, Manfredi


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Why Meta-luxury?
Manfredi Ricca, Rebecca Robins
2. Defining Meta-luxury
Manfredi Ricca, Rebecca Robins
3. The Pillars of Meta-luxury
Manfredi Ricca, Rebecca Robins
4. Craftsmanship

Hutchinson, Karise - Leadership and Small Business, e-bok

Leadership and Small Business

Hutchinson, Karise


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Karise Hutchinson
2. The Story of Small Business
Karise Hutchinson
3. Leadership in Small Firms—The X Factor
Karise Hutchinson
4. Leadership Purpose
Karise Hutchinson
5. Stories and…