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Lonkila, Markku - Networks in the Russian Market Economy, e-bok

Networks in the Russian Market Economy

Lonkila, Markku


Using Networks to Find Out about Networks
Markku Lonkila
3. The Evolution of Russia’s IT Sector
Markku Lonkila
4. The Soviet Legacy and its Transformation in the Russian IT Field
Markku Lonkila
5. Social Milieus and Personal Network Growth

Gibbert, Michael - Strategic Networks: Learning to Compete, e-bok

Strategic Networks: Learning to Compete

Gibbert, Michael


This book explores the creation of 'learning networks' and sheds light on how they function:- real versus virtual forms of interaction, collaboration versus competition in the learning process, and joint value creation versus individual value appropriation in networks.

Besch, Markus - Enterprise Social Networks, e-bok

Enterprise Social Networks

Besch, Markus


Enterprise Social Networks aus der Perspektive der Forschung
1. Enterprise Social Networks – Einführung in die Thematik und Ableitung relevanter Forschungsfelder
Alexander Rossmann, Gerald Stei
2. Enterprise Collaboration

Goedeking, Philipp - Networks in Aviation, e-bok

Networks in Aviation

Goedeking, Philipp


Planning and Controlling Networks: Networking Higher Math, Intuition, and Power Play
Philipp Goedeking
7. Competition, Cooperation, Co-opetition, and Antitrust: Balancing Economies of Scale and Competitive Market Structures
Philipp Goedeking
8. Multi-Hub

Goerzen, Anthony - Networks and Location, e-bok

Networks and Location

Goerzen, Anthony


Alliance Networks: A New Dimension of Diversification
Anthony Goerzen
4. Product Diversity: The Traditional View of Business Diversification
Anthony Goerzen
5. Patterns of Multinational Corporation Diversification
Anthony Goerzen
6. Drawing

Gloor, Peter - Collaborative Innovation Networks, e-bok

Collaborative Innovation Networks

Gloor, Peter


Resilience Through Collaborative Networks in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Chinese Venture Capital
Yuhong Zhou, Peter A. Gloor, Stephanie L. Woerner
4. Enhancing Social and Intellectual Collaboration in Innovation Networks:

Heck, Eric - Smart Business Networks, e-bok

Smart Business Networks

Heck, Eric


Challenges of Smart Business Networks — Five Perspectives
5. The Cordys Panel — Science Meets Business
Section 1.Outcomes of Smart Business Networks
6. Spontaneous Collaborative Networks
Benn Konsynski, Amrit Tiwana
7. Where Are the Smarts

Commendatore, Pasquale - Complex Networks and Dynamics, e-bok

Complex Networks and Dynamics

Commendatore, Pasquale


The Empirics of Macroeconomic Networks: A Critical Review
Giorgio Fagiolo
8. Bank Insolvencies, Priority Claims and Systemic Risk
Spiros Bougheas, Alan Kirman
9. Complex Networks in Finance
Anna Maria D’Arcangelis, Giulia Rotundo
Part III.

Panteli, Niki - Virtual Social Networks, e-bok

Virtual Social Networks

Panteli, Niki


Virtual Social Networks: A New Dimension for Virtuality Research
Niki Panteli
2. Learning Virtually or Virtually Distracted? The Impact of Emerging Internet Technologies on Pedagogical Practice
Simran K. Grewal, Lisa Harris
3. VU @ Second Life: A Report