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Sobaca - Jump Into Fame, e-bok

Jump Into Fame



But there is more to being a successful recording artist than just standing up in front of a crowd and singing, or spending your cash in the glamorous nightspots of London, New York and LA. As an industry that employs thousands of people in producing, marketing, publishing,

Thompson, Dan - Pop-Up Business For Dummies, e-bok

Pop-Up Business For Dummies

Thompson, Dan

Från 17,15€

Whether you’re just starting out and want to test the viability of your business, or you’re an established business looking to expand your reach, pop-ups offer an exciting and flexible opportunity. They’re a great way to try new business ideas,…

Klee, Paul - Paul Klee, e-bok

Paul Klee

Klee, Paul


While he collaborated with artists like August Macke and Alexej von Jawlensky, his most famous partnership was with the abstract expressionist, Wassily Kandinsky.

Payne, Mike - Bearaphernalia, e-bok


Payne, Mike


Mike Payne is known as the creator and original artist of 'Tatty Teddy'. In art circles he is referred to as 'The Teddy Bear Man' - something he sees as a compliment! This book is a collection of 15 'character' bears which Mike has created for you, the reader, each with their own personalities

Atkinson, David M. - Thinking the Art of Management, e-bok

Thinking the Art of Management

Atkinson, David M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David M. Atkinson
Part I. From the Management World
2. Framing an Art of Management
David M. Atkinson
3. A Portrait of the Organizational Manager
David M. Atkinson
4. Degot’s Portrait of the Manager as an Artist
David M. Atkinson
Part II. From the Artworld