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Brodskaïa, Nathalia - Félix Vallotton, e-bok

Félix Vallotton

Brodskaïa, Nathalia


Félix Vallotton (1865-1925) was active at the turn of the century. Although he is best known for his striking and elegantly composed Japanese-inspired woodblock prints, Vallotton was also a skilled painter, creating works that arrestingly combined technical…

Hogarth, William - Aestheticism in Art, e-bok

Aestheticism in Art

Hogarth, William


His essay is thus dedicated to the study of the composition of paintings, depending on the correct use of the pictorial lines, light, colour, and the figure's attitudes. These timeless concepts have been applied by several artists through the centuries. Paintings

Demortier, G. - X-rays for Archaeology, e-bok

X-rays for Archaeology

Demortier, G.


Analytical Study of Paintings by X-ray Radiography and Spectroscopy
Kamba Nobuyuki
20. Radiographic Findings in Ancient Egyptian Mummies
Kazuaki Hirata
V. Interdisciplinary Field between Art and Science
21. X-ray Application on on Post-Amarna Objects