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Zang, Xiaowei - Ethnicity in China: A Critical Introduction, e-bok

Ethnicity in China: A Critical Introduction

Zang, Xiaowei


On the global stage, China is often seen to be a homogenous nation when, in fact, it is a diverse multi-ethnic society, with 55 minority nationality groups recognized by the government. Scattered across the vast landmass, ethnic minorities in China occupy a precarious place in the state,

Woodwell, Douglas - Nationalism in International Relations, e-bok

Nationalism in International Relations

Woodwell, Douglas


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Douglas Woodwell
2. Nationality, Nation, and Ethnicity
Douglas Woodwell
3. Sovereignty and Self-Determination: Conflicting Norms as the Basis for International Conflict
Douglas Woodwell
4. The Determinants of Aggressive Behavior in Irredentist-Type Situations

Margolis, Eric - The Blackwell Companion to Social Inequalities, e-bok

The Blackwell Companion to Social Inequalities

Margolis, Eric


The Blackwell Companion to Social Inequalities is a first-rate collection of social science scholarship on inequalities, emphasizing race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, age, and nationality.
Highlights themes that represent the scope and range of theoretical orientations, contemporary emphases, and emerging topics

Kiwan, Dina - Naturalization Policies, Education and Citizenship, e-bok

Naturalization Policies, Education and Citizenship

Kiwan, Dina


Diversity and Nationality: Contemporary Developments in Five European Citizenship Regimes
Nasar Meer, Tariq Modood
5. Descent, Territory and Common Values: Redefining Citizenship in Canada
Elke Winter
6. Regional Diversity and Education for ‘National’

Ban, Carolyn - Management and Culture in an Enlarged European Commission, e-bok

Management and Culture in an Enlarged European Commission

Ban, Carolyn


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carolyn Ban
2. The Forces Shaping Organizational Culture: The Status Quo Ante
Carolyn Ban
3. The European Commission and the Process of Enlargement
Carolyn Ban
4. The Kinnock Reforms: Preparing for Enlargement, Changing Culture?
Carolyn Ban
5. The Outsiders

Miller, David l. - Citizenship and National Identity, e-bok

Citizenship and National Identity

Miller, David l.


He couples this with a robust defence of the principle of nationality, arguing that a shared national identity is necessary to motivate citizens to work together in the name of justice. Attempts to create transnational forms of citizenship, in Europe and elsewhere,

Fitzpatrick, Matthew P. - Liberal Imperialism in Europe, e-bok

Liberal Imperialism in Europe

Fitzpatrick, Matthew P.


Liberty, Equality, and Nationality: National Liberalism, Modernization, and Empire in Hungary in the Nineteenth Century
László Kürti
6. From Independence to Trialism: The Croatian Party of Right and the Project for a Liberal “Greater Croatia” within

Panayides, P.M. - Shipping Operations Management, e-bok

Shipping Operations Management

Panayides, P.M.


The Relationship Between Nationality of Ships, “Genuine Link,” and Marine Insurance
George Theocharidis, Patrick Donner
11. Ocean Governance and Sustainability
Lawrence P. Hildebrand, Neil A. Bellefontaine