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Lyon, David - Identifying Citizens: ID Cards as Surveillance, e-bok

Identifying Citizens: ID Cards as Surveillance

Lyon, David


In this timely new contribution, David Lyon argues that such IDs represent a fresh phase in the long-term attempts of modern states to find stable ways of identifying citizens.
New ID systems are “new” because they are high-tech. But their newness is also seen

Lyon, David - The Information Society: Issues and Illusions, e-bok

The Information Society: Issues and Illusions

Lyon, David


This book provides an overview of debates about whether we are entering into a phase of social existence without precedent - the 'information society'. Intended as a bridge between the literatures of 'social theory' and the 'social impact of technology',…

Bauman, Zygmunt - Liquid Surveillance: A Conversation, e-bok

Liquid Surveillance: A Conversation

Bauman, Zygmunt

Från 14,85€

In this book the surveillance analysis of David Lyon meets the liquid modern world so insightfully dissected by Zygmunt Bauman.  Is a dismal future of moment-by-moment monitoring closing in, or are there still spaces of freedom and hope? How do we realize our responsibility

Gustafson, Christine A. - Pope Francis as a Global Actor, e-bok

Pope Francis as a Global Actor

Gustafson, Christine A.


Lyon, Christine A. Gustafson, Paul Christopher Manuel
2. How the Theological Priorities of Pope Francis Inform His Policy Goals
Paul Christopher Manuel
3. The First Jesuit Pope: The Contribution of His Jesuit Charism to His Political Views
Thomas Massaro

Desille, Amandine - International Migrations and Local Governance, e-bok

International Migrations and Local Governance

Desille, Amandine


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Amandine Desille, Thomas Lacroix
Part 1. Diversity in the City: A New Paradigm for Integration in a Knowledge-Based Economy
2. Migration Governance in Three European Cities: New Local Paradigms?
Myrte S. Hoekstra, Josef Kohlbacher, Daniel Rauhut
3. Immigrant Rights as an

Hayes, Graeme - Olympic Games, Mega-Events and Civil Societies, e-bok

Olympic Games, Mega-Events and Civil Societies

Hayes, Graeme


The Failed Bid for Lyon ’68, and France’s Winter Olympics from Grenoble ’68 to Annecy 2018: French Politics, Civil Society and Olympic Mega-Events
Hugh Dauncey
Part II. Mega-Events, Environmental Impacts and Sustainable Development
6. The Role of Environmental