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Berry, Barnett - Teacherpreneurs: Innovative Teachers Who Lead But Don't Leave, e-bok

Teacherpreneurs: Innovative Teachers Who Lead But Don't Leave

Berry, Barnett

Från 25,40€

 We join their journey toward becoming teacher leaders whose work is not defined by administrative fiat, but by their knowledge of students and drive to influence policies that allow them and their colleagues to teach more effectively. The authors trace the teacherpreneurs' steps—and

Deal, Terrence E. - Shaping School Culture, e-bok

Shaping School Culture

Deal, Terrence E.


The most trusted guide to school culture, updated with current challenges and new solutions
Shaping School Culture is the classic guide to exceptional school leadership, featuring concrete guidance on influencing the subtle symbolic features of schools that provide meaning, belief, and

Halavais, Alexander - Search Engine Society, e-bok

Search Engine Society

Halavais, Alexander

Från 26,75€

Yet while much has been written about how to use search engines and how they can be improved, there has been comparatively little exploration of what the social and cultural effects might be. Like all technologies, search engines exist within a larger political, cultural,

Landale, Nancy S. - Families and Child Health, e-bok

Families and Child Health

Landale, Nancy S.


Bio-Social Influences on Early Childhood Health
1. The Developmental Origins of Chronic Disease
David J. P. Barker
2. How Can We Overcome the Biological Inertia of Past Deprivation? Anthropological Perspectives on the Developmental Origins of Adult Health

Apker, Julie - Communication in Health Organizations, e-bok

Communication in Health Organizations

Apker, Julie


Communication in Health Organizations explores the communication processes, issues, and concepts that comprise the organization of health care, focusing on the interactions that influence the lives of patients, health professionals, and other members of health institutions. This book integrates

Suchoples, Jaroslaw - Finland and the United States, 1917-1919 , e-bok

Finland and the United States, 1917-1919

Suchoples, Jaroslaw


The proclamation of the independence of Finland, outbreak of the Finnish civil war and, later, drawing of this country into the sphere of influence created by Berlin in Central Europe caused that Finnish-American relations could not develop themselves but became passive