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Bahgat, Gawdat - The Political Economy of Sovereign Wealth Funds, e-bok

The Political Economy of Sovereign Wealth Funds

Bahgat, Gawdat


Sovereign Wealth Funds in the United Arab Emirates
Joseph A Kéchichian
6. Russia’s SWFs: Controlled by a Domestic Agenda
Stephen Fortescue
7. Some Macroeconomic Implications of the Future Fund
John Freebairn
8. The Political Economy of Australia’s

Geyer, Robert R. - Exploring European Social Policy, e-bok

Exploring European Social Policy

Geyer, Robert R.


There is also a chapter exploring the social policy role of the structural funds, particularly the European Social Fund. The book concludes by arguing against both sides of the strengthening/weakening debate, calling for a more

Apeldoorn, Bastiaan - Neoliberalism in Crisis, e-bok

Neoliberalism in Crisis

Apeldoorn, Bastiaan


Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Global Political Economy: The Case of China
Henk Overbeek
8. The Rise of Non-Western National Oil Companies: Transformation of the Neoliberal Global Energy Order?
Naná Graaff
9. Post-neoliberalism in Latin America?