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Dunbar, Robin - The Science of Love, e-bok

The Science of Love

Dunbar, Robin


A scientific exploration of some of humanity's most puzzling questions: What is love? Why do we fall in (and out) of love? And why would we have evolved to feel something so weird, with so many downsides?
Whether you live for Valentine's Day or are…

Nahavandi, Firouzeh - Commodification of Body Parts in the Global South, e-bok

Commodification of Body Parts in the Global South

Nahavandi, Firouzeh


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Firouzeh Nahavandi
2. Commodification of Human Body Parts
Firouzeh Nahavandi
3. Transnational Hair Trade
Firouzeh Nahavandi
4. Transnational Surrogacy
Firouzeh Nahavandi
5. Transnational Kidney Transplant
Firouzeh Nahavandi
6. Transnational Attraction

Horvath, Agnes - Modernism and Charisma, e-bok

Modernism and Charisma

Horvath, Agnes


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Agnes Horvath
2. Squaring the Liminal or Reproducing it: Charisma and Trickster
Agnes Horvath
3. The Rise of Liminal Authorities: Trickster’s Gaining a Craft, or the Techniques of Incommensurability
Agnes Horvath
4. Liminal Mimes, Masks and Schismogenic Technology:

Maher, David - Civil War and Uncivil Development, e-bok

Civil War and Uncivil Development

Maher, David


The Fatal Attraction of Civil War: Violence and the Oil Sector in Arauca
David Maher
5. Rooted in Violence: The Expansion of Palm Oil in Meta
David Maher
6. Conflict, Development and the Fluidity of Violence: Colombia and Beyond
David Maher

Egresi, Istvan - Alternative Tourism in Turkey, e-bok

Alternative Tourism in Turkey

Egresi, Istvan


Table of contents
Part I. Setting the Context
1. Globalization, Mass Tourism, and Sustainable Development
Istvan Egresi
2. History of Tourism Development in Turkey
Medet Yolal
3. Tourism and Sustainability in Turkey: Negative Impact of Mass Tourism Development
Istvan Egresi
Part II. Introducing

Bruns, Bettina - European Neighbourhood Policy, e-bok

European Neighbourhood Policy

Bruns, Bettina


The EU’s Education Policy Abroad: The ‘Power of Attraction’ and the Case of Moldova
Helga Zichner, Vladislav Saran
9. The Western Balkans Inside, Outside and Between the European Union: About the Nexus Between Regional Cooperation, European Integration

Keane, Michael - Creative Industries in China: Art, Design and Media, e-bok

Creative Industries in China: Art, Design and Media

Keane, Michael


Never has the attraction of being a media producer, an artist, or a designer in China been so enticing. National and regional governments offer financial incentives; consumption of cultural goods and services have increased; creative workers from Europe, North

Dennis, Charles - Objects of Desire, e-bok

Objects of Desire

Dennis, Charles


The Shopping Centre as an Object of Desire: Attraction and Distance In Shopping Centre Choice
Charles Dennis
7. Central Place Practice: Shopping Centre Attractiveness Measures, the ‘Break Point’, Catchment Boundaries and the UK Retail Hierarchy

Delamater, John - Handbook of Social Psychology, e-bok

Handbook of Social Psychology

Delamater, John


Table of contents
Part I. Theoretical Perspectives
1. The Symbolic Interactionist Frame
Sheldon Stryker, Kevin D. Vryan
2. Expectation States Theory
Shelley J. Correll, Cecilia L. Ridgeway
3. Social Exchange Theory
Karen S. Cook, Eric Rice
4. Social Structure and Personality
Jane D. McLeod,