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Roulstone, Alan - Disability and Technology, e-bok

Disability and Technology

Roulstone, Alan


Employing Technology to Good Effect: Technology, Disability and the ‘Palace’ of Paid Work
Alan Roulstone
5. Disability, Ageing and Technology: They Think that Throwing a Pendant

Wajcman, Judy - Feminism Confronts Technology, e-bok

Feminism Confronts Technology

Wajcman, Judy


Feminism Confronts Technology provides a lively and engaging exploration of the impact of technology on women's lives from word processors to food processors, and genetic engineering to the design of cities. Comprehensive and critical, this book surveys

Kosal, Margaret E. - Technology and the Intelligence Community, e-bok

Technology and the Intelligence Community

Kosal, Margaret E.


Interaction of Technology and Organization: Case Study of US Military COMINT in World War II
Shai Bernstein
3. Intelligence Innovation: Sputnik, the Soviet Threat, and Innovation in the US Intelligence Community
Jon Schmid
4. Organizational Process,

Selwyn, Neil - Is Technology Good for Education?, e-bok

Is Technology Good for Education?

Selwyn, Neil


Digital technologies are a key feature of contemporary education. Schools, colleges and universities operate along high-tech lines, while alternate forms of online education have emerged to challenge the dominance of traditional institutions. According to many experts, the rapid digitization

Rappert, Brian - Technology and Security, e-bok

Technology and Security

Rappert, Brian


Technology and Disciplinary Approaches
2. Science and Technology Policy and International Security
Andrew D. James
3. Rethinking ‘Secrecy’ and ‘Disclosure’: What Science and Technology

Catanzaro, Vincent M. - The Legal Technology Guidebook, e-bok

The Legal Technology Guidebook

Catanzaro, Vincent M.


Technology in Litigation
9. Introduction to eDiscovery
Kimberly Williams, John M. Facciola, Peter McCann, Vincent M. Catanzaro
10. Authenticity
Kimberly Williams, John M. Facciola, Peter McCann, Vincent M. Catanzaro
11. The “Ethics” or Lack of