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Maxwell, Nicholas - Global Philosophy, e-bok

Global Philosophy

Maxwell, Nicholas


This book is about education, learning, rational inquiry, philosophy, science studies, problem solving, academic inquiry, global problems, wisdom and, above all, the urgent need for an academic revolution. Despite this range and diversity of topics, there is a common underlying theme. Education

Roulstone, Alan - Disability and Technology, e-bok

Disability and Technology

Roulstone, Alan


Employing Technology to Good Effect: Technology, Disability and the ‘Palace’ of Paid Work
Alan Roulstone
5. Disability, Ageing and Technology: They Think that Throwing a Pendant

Wendling, Amy E. - Karl Marx on Technology and Alienation, e-bok

Karl Marx on Technology and Alienation

Wendling, Amy E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Amy E. Wendling
2. Karl Marx’s Concept of Alienation
Amy E. Wendling
3. Machines and the Transformation of Work
Amy E. Wendling
4. Machines in the Communist Future
Amy E. Wendling

Kaiser, Mario - Governing Future Technologies, e-bok

Governing Future Technologies

Kaiser, Mario


Futures Assessed: How Technology Assessment, Ethics and Think Tanks Make Sense of an Unknown Future
Mario Kaiser
11. Why Enrol Citizens in the Governance of Nanotechnology?
Alain Kaufmann, Claude Joseph, Catherine El-Bez, Marc Audétat
12. Toward Anticipatory

Bakar, Osman - Islamic Perspectives on Science and Technology, e-bok

Islamic Perspectives on Science and Technology

Bakar, Osman


Science and Technology for Mankind’s Benefit: Islamic Theories and Practices – Past, Present, and Future
Osman Bakar
4. The Necessity of Studying the Natural Sciences from the Qur’anic Worldview
M. Kamal Hassan
Part II. Philosophy

Corrales, Marcelo - New Technology, Big Data and the Law, e-bok

New Technology, Big Data and the Law

Corrales, Marcelo


Disruptive Technologies Shaping the Law of the Future
Marcelo Corrales, Mark Fenwick, Nikolaus Forgó
Part I. Purpose and Limitation
2. The Principle of Purpose Limitation and Big Data
Nikolaus Forgó, Stefanie Hänold, Benjamin Schütze
3. Scientific