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Steer, Cassandra - Translating Guilt, e-bok

Translating Guilt

Steer, Cassandra


Table of contents
1. The Problem of Liability in International Criminal Law
Cassandra Steer
Part I. Laying the Foundations
2. Leadership Liability for Collective Crimes
Cassandra Steer
3. Putting the Leaders of Mass Atrocity on Trial
Cassandra Steer
4. A Comparative Theory of International Criminal

Vormbaum, Moritz - The African Criminal Court, e-bok

The African Criminal Court

Vormbaum, Moritz


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Creating an African Criminal Court
Gerhard Werle, Moritz Vormbaum
2. Historical and Political Background to the Malabo Protocol
Ademola Abass
Part II. The Crimes in the Annex to the Malabo…

Çetinkaya, Lokman B. - Safe Zone, e-bok

Safe Zone

Çetinkaya, Lokman B.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lokman B. Çetinkaya
2. Application of Countermeasures to Justify the Establishment of Safe Zones as a Response to Large-Scale Refugee Outflows
Lokman B. Çetinkaya
3. Application of the Concept of…