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Ware, Vron - Military Migrants, e-bok

Military Migrants

Ware, Vron


Table of contents
1. Introduction: For Queen and Commonwealth
1. Introduction: For Queen and Commonwealth
Vron Ware
Part I. Recruitment
2. The Race to Recruit
Vron Ware
3. The Promised Land
Vron Ware
Part II. Culture

Morgan, Matthew J. - The American Military After 9/11, e-bok

The American Military After 9/11

Morgan, Matthew J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Matthew J. Morgan
2. The New War
Matthew J. Morgan
Part I. The Armed Forces and Society
3. Struggling For Relevance
Matthew J. Morgan
4. The New Social Identity
Matthew J. Morgan
Part II. The Armed Forces and the State
5. The Estranged Military

Ankersen, Christopher - The Politics of Civil-Military Cooperation, e-bok

The Politics of Civil-Military Cooperation

Ankersen, Christopher


The Evolution of Civil–Military Cooperation in Peace and War
Christopher Ankersen
4. A Clausewitzian Framework for Analysis
Christopher Ankersen
5. The People: Ambivalent Supporters
Christopher Ankersen
6. The Government: Delicious Ambiguity

Rubin, Allen - Handbook of Military Social Work, e-bok

Handbook of Military Social Work

Rubin, Allen


Designed to help social workers gain the knowledge they need to better serve the population of active duty service members, National Guard and Reserve personnel, veterans, and their families, this important book covers the foundational knowledge of military social work, including the