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Gilauri, Nika - Practical Economics, e-bok

Practical Economics

Gilauri, Nika


Table of contents
1. Carpe Diem
Nika Gilauri
2. Fighting Corruption
Nika Gilauri
3. Rightsizing Fiscal and Monetary Policies
Nika Gilauri
4. Creating a Business-Friendly Climate
Nika Gilauri
5. Reforming Taxes and Customs

Huber, Bruce R. - Environmental Law and Economics, e-bok

Environmental Law and Economics

Huber, Bruce R.


Behavioural Law & Economics and Sustainable Regulation
Philipp Hacker, Georgios Dimitropoulos
8. How to Not Introduce Market-Based Instruments into Environmental Regulations
Florian Stangl
9. Purchasing Energy-Efficient Appliances – To Incentivise

Hanappi, Hardy - Society and Economics in Europe, e-bok

Society and Economics in Europe

Hanappi, Hardy


Table of contents
1. Shangri-La Governance. A Sketch of an Integral Solution for European Economic Policy Based on a Synthesis of Europe’s Problems
Hardy Hanappi
2. The Convergence Process and the Volatility of the Money and Capital Markets