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Falser, Michael - 'Archaeologizing' Heritage?, e-bok

'Archaeologizing' Heritage?

Falser, Michael


Virtualizing Heritage II: Computer Models for Building Research
8. The Giant Buddha Figures in Afghanistan: Virtual Reality for a Physical Reconstruction?
Georgios Toubekis, Michael Jansen
9. Virtualizing the Temple of Bayon
Olivier Cunin
Part V.

Pratt, Deirdre - Modelling Written Communication, e-bok

Modelling Written Communication

Pratt, Deirdre


Table of contents
1. Review of Composition Software
Deirdre Pratt
2. Critical Realism
Deirdre Pratt
3. The Modelling Process
Deirdre Pratt
4. The User’s Model of Composing
Deirdre Pratt
5. Testing Out the User’s…

Chau, Christina - Movement, Time, Technology, and Art, e-bok

Movement, Time, Technology, and Art

Chau, Christina


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Peculiar Time
Christina Chau
2. Revolutions—Forms That Turn
Christina Chau
3. Directions in Kinetic Art: Expanding Spectres of Time
Christina Chau
4. Systems Aesthetics: A Key Polemic in…