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Moss, Candida R. - Disability Studies and Biblical Literature, e-bok

Disability Studies and Biblical Literature

Moss, Candida R.


The Ascription of Physical Disability as a Stigmatizing Strategy in Biblical Iconic Polemics
Saul M. Olyan
7. Whoring after Cripples: On the Intersection of Gender and Disability Imagery in Jeremiah
Rebecca Raphael
8. A Tale of Two Eunuchs: Isaiah 56:1–8

Staiger, Uta - Memory Culture and the Contemporary City, e-bok

Memory Culture and the Contemporary City

Staiger, Uta


Designing the Biblical Present in Jerusalem’s ‘City of David’
Wendy Pullan, Maximilian Gwiazda
8. Historical Tourism: Reading Berlin’s Doubly Dictatorial Past
Mary Fulbrook
9. Sacralized Spaces and the Urban Remembrance of War
Janet Ward

Ferguson, J. Todd - Restoring Hope, e-bok

Restoring Hope

Ferguson, J. Todd


The Biblical Mandate to Care and Cure
David Rosen
6. An Islamic View of Health and Sickness: How Our Core Values Promote Decent Care
Sayed Elzenari
7. Decent Care for People Living with HIV: What Are We Waiting For?
Anne-christine d¡¦Adesky,

Arnold, John H. - What is Masculinity?, e-bok

What is Masculinity?

Arnold, John H.


Valorising Samurai Masculinity through Biblical Language: Christianity, Oscar Wilde and Natsume Soseki’s Novel Kokoro
Kasumi Miyazaki
19. ‘Proper Government and Discipline’: Family Religion and Masculine Authority in Nineteenth-Century Canada