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Arons, Wendy - Readings in Performance and Ecology, e-bok

Readings in Performance and Ecology

Arons, Wendy


Animals and/in Performance
5. The Silence of the Polar Bears: Performing (Climate) Change in the Theater of Species
Una Chaudhuri
6. Dancing with Monkeys? On Performance Commons and Scientific Experiments
Baz Kershaw
7. Everything à la Giraffe:

Kruuk, Hans - Otters: ecology, behaviour and conservation, e-bok

Otters: ecology, behaviour and conservation

Kruuk, Hans


Otters are highly charismatic and popular animals of very considerable concern to conservationists worldwide. There is a real need for an affordable, well illustrated and appealing text that also contains substantial factual information. This book will... Copying to clipboard limited

Hamilton, Lindsay - Ethnography after Humanism, e-bok

Ethnography after Humanism

Hamilton, Lindsay


Introduction: An Ecology of Ethnographic Methods
Lindsay Hamilton, Nik Taylor
Part I. Foundations
2. Why Ethnography?
Lindsay Hamilton, Nik Taylor
3. Listening for the Voices of Animals
Lindsay Hamilton, Nik Taylor
4. What Can Ethnography

Clark, Jamie L. - Zooarchaeology and Modern Human Origins, e-bok

Zooarchaeology and Modern Human Origins

Clark, Jamie L.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Zooarchaeology and Modern Human Origins
Jamie L. Clark, John D. Speth
2. Exploring the Relationship Between Climate Change and the Decline of the Howieson’s Poort at Sibudu Cave (South Africa)
Jamie L. Clark
3. Middle Paleolithic Large-Mammal Hunting in the Southern Levant

Malone, Karen - Children in the Anthropocene, e-bok

Children in the Anthropocene

Malone, Karen


Table of contents
1. Children and the Anthropocene, a Re-turning
Karen Malone
2. Stories That Matter
Karen Malone
3. Cities of Children
Karen Malone
4. Ecologies: Entangled Natures
Karen Malone
5. Movement: Materiality of Mobilities
Karen Malone
6. Animals: Multi-species Companions

Isbell, William H. - The Handbook of South American Archaeology, e-bok

The Handbook of South American Archaeology

Isbell, William H.


Amazonia: The Historical Ecology of a Domesticated Landscape
Clark L. Erickson
12. The Archaeology of Agriculture in Ancient Amazonia
José R. Oliver
13. Agricultural Earthworks on the French Guiana Coast
Stéphen Rostain
14. The Pampas and