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Allmendinger, Philip - Planning Theory, e-bok

Planning Theory

Allmendinger, Philip


Planning theory has undergone significant changes during the past two decades. This book provides a wide-ranging and up-to-date analysis of these changes, how they relate to planning practice and their significance. It will be of use to students and academics alike providing an essential

Karmis, Dimitrios - Theories of Federalism: A Reader, e-bok

Theories of Federalism: A Reader

Karmis, Dimitrios


The Birth of Federal Theory: An Alternative Political Language in the Early Era of Centralized States
2. Editors’ Introduction
Dimitrios Karmis, Wayne Norman
3. Politics as the Art of Associating
Johannes Althusius
4. Regular States vs. Systems

Cudworth, Erika - Developing Ecofeminist Theory, e-bok

Developing Ecofeminist Theory

Cudworth, Erika


Complex Systems: “Nature,” “Society” and “Human” Domination
Erika Cudworth
4. Different Feminisms
Erika Cudworth
5. Ecofeminism and the Question of Difference
Erika Cudworth
6. Embodiment, Materiality and Symbolic Regimes

Chew, Sing C. - Theory and Methodology of World Development, e-bok

Theory and Methodology of World Development

Chew, Sing C.


A Structural Theory of the 5,000-Year World System
Sing C. Chew, Pat Lauderdale
5. A Plea for World System History
Sing C. Chew, Pat Lauderdale
Part 3. Beyond Eurocentrism, Systems Transformation, and Social Movements

Dietz, Hella - Social Theory and Social Movements, e-bok

Social Theory and Social Movements

Dietz, Hella


Jeffrey Alexander’s Theory of the Civil Sphere
Thomas Kern
7. Social Movements and Neo-Institutionalism: A Fruitful Merger?
Jochen Roose
8. Judith Butler and the Politics of Protest
Dorothea Reinmuth
9. Networks, Interaction, and Conflict:

Boardman, Robert - Governance of Earth Systems, e-bok

Governance of Earth Systems

Boardman, Robert


From Systems Complexity to Decisional Uncertainty
Robert Boardman
4. The Earth Theory Tradition
Robert Boardman
5. Geosphere-Atmosphere-Biosphere Integration
Robert Boardman
Part II. Governance Challenges
6. Theorizing Governance and Community