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Wolff, Jonathan - Why Read Marx Today?, e-bok

Why Read Marx Today?

Wolff, Jonathan


This book argues that we can detach Marx the critic of current society from Marx the prophet of future society, and that he remains the most impressive critic we have of liberal, capitalist, bourgeois society. It also shows that the value of the 'great…

Jessop, Bob - State Theory: Putting the Capitalist State in Its Place, e-bok

State Theory: Putting the Capitalist State in Its Place

Jessop, Bob


This volume develops a novel approach to state theory. It offers a comprehensive review of the existing literature on the state and sets a new agenda for state research.
Four central themes define the scope of the book: an account of the bases of the operational autonomy of the state;

Cowling, Mark - Marxism and Criminological Theory, e-bok

Marxism and Criminological Theory

Cowling, Mark


Table of contents
Part I. Setting the Scene
1. Introduction
Mark Cowling
2. Marxism in the Twenty-First Century
Mark Cowling
3. Marxism and the Definition of Crime
Mark Cowling
Part II. The Critique
4. The Classics — Criminology Encounters Das Kapital
Mark Cowling
5. Radical US Criminology

Chartier, Gary - Social Class and State Power, e-bok

Social Class and State Power

Chartier, Gary


Grinder and John Hagel, “Toward a Theory of State Capitalism: Ultimate Decision-Making and Class Structure” (1974)
David M. Hart, Gary Chartier, Ross Miller Kenyon, Roderick T. Long
34. Hans-Hermann Hoppe, “Marxist

Leggett, Will - After New Labour, e-bok

After New Labour

Leggett, Will


Neo-Marxists : Capitalism with an (In)human Face
Will Leggett
6. Anti-Technocrats: The Tyranny of Targets
Will Leggett
7. Social Democrats: The Real Third Way?
Will Leggett
Part III. After New Labour
8. Developing the Critics

Emslie, Barry - N<Emphasis Type="SmallCaps">arrative and</Emphasis> T<Emphasis Type="SmallCaps">ruth</Emphasis>, e-bok

Narrative and Truth

Emslie, Barry


Table of contents
1. An Overview
Barry Emslie
2. Marxist Humanism Hegel, Marx, Lukács, Eagleton, Habermas
Barry Emslie
3. Women and Writing Women Theorists, Women Novelists, Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë
Barry Emslie
4. Freud Science as Narrative, a Perverse and Singular Teleology, Certainty Masquerading

el-Ojeili, Chamsy - Beyond Post-Socialism, e-bok

Beyond Post-Socialism

el-Ojeili, Chamsy


Post-Marxist Trajectories: Diagnosis, Criticism, Utopia
Chamsy el-Ojeili
3. ‘No, We Have Not Finished Reflecting on Communism’: Castoriadis, Lefort and Psychoanalytic Leninism
Chamsy el-Ojeili
4. Forget Debord?
Chamsy el-Ojeili
5. ‘Many

Carpenter, Sara - Educating from Marx, e-bok

Educating from Marx

Carpenter, Sara


Marxist-Feminists Organizing Knowledge
1. Introduction: A Specter Haunts Adult Education: Crafting a Marxist-Feminist Framework for Adult Education and Learning
Sara Carpenter, Shahrzad Mojab
2. Ideology, Science, and