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Denham, Bryan E. - Categorical Statistics for Communication Research, e-bok

Categorical Statistics for Communication Research

Denham, Bryan E.


Categorical Statistics for CommunicationResearch presents scholars with a discipline-specific guide to categorical data analysis. The text blends necessary background information and formulas for statistical procedures with data analyses illustrating techniques such as log- linear modeling

Gagnon, Amélie A. - Social Statistics and Ethnic Diversity, e-bok

Social Statistics and Ethnic Diversity

Gagnon, Amélie A.


Table of contents
1. The Making of Racial and Ethnic Categories: Official Statistics Reconsidered
Patrick Simon, Victor Piché, Amélie A. Gagnon
Part I. Comparative Accounts of Ethnic Statistics
2. Ethnic Classification in Global Perspective: A Cross-National Survey of the 2000 Census Round
Ann Morning

Swanson, David A. - Subnational Population Estimates, e-bok

Subnational Population Estimates

Swanson, David A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David A. Swanson, Jeff Tayman
2. Basic Concepts
David A. Swanson, Jeff Tayman
3. Data Sources
David A. Swanson, Jeff Tayman
4. Basic Measures
David A. Swanson, Jeff Tayman
5. Overview…

Azzalini, A. - Applied Smoothing Analaysis: A Practical Approach, e-bok

Applied Smoothing Analaysis: A Practical Approach

Azzalini, A.


This book is about the use of nonparametric smoothing tools in practical data analysis problems. There already exist a number of books in this general area, and these give excellent descriptions of the theoretical ideas, and include good illustrations…