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Knoke, David - Economic Networks, e-bok

Economic Networks

Knoke, David

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Economic networks span many levels of analysis, from persons (consumers, employees), to groups (households, workteams), organizations (corporations, interest groups), populations (industries, markets) and the rapidly expanding global economic system.
David Knoke

McLean, Paul - Culture in Networks, e-bok

Culture in Networks

McLean, Paul


Today, interest in networks is growing by leaps and bounds, in both scientific discourse and popular culture. Networks are thought to be everywhere – from the architecture of our brains to global transportation systems. And networks

Glückler, Johannes - Knowledge and Networks, e-bok

Knowledge and Networks

Glückler, Johannes


Exploring the Interaction of Space and Networks in the Creation of Knowledge: An Introduction
Johannes Glückler, Emmanuel Lazega, Ingmar Hammer
Part I. Knowledge About Networks
2. Reversing the Instrumentality of the Social for the Economic: A Critical

Bakewell, Oliver - Beyond Networks, e-bok

Beyond Networks

Bakewell, Oliver


New Roles for Social Networks in Migration? Assistance in Brazilian Migration to Portugal and the Netherlands
Masja Meeteren, Sónia Pereira
4. Online Feedback in Migration Networks
Rianne Dekker, Godfried Engbersen, Marije Faber
5. The Impact of Class

 - Inside Criminal Networks, e-bok

Inside Criminal Networks


Table of contents
2. The Criminal Network Perspective
Carlo Morselli
3. Case Study Sources and Designs
Carlo Morselli
4. Partnership Configurations in Illegal Drug-Importation
Carlo Morselli
5. The Efficiency–Security Trade-Off

Gauthier, Jacques–Antoine - Families and Personal Networks, e-bok

Families and Personal Networks

Gauthier, Jacques–Antoine


Contextualising Personal Networks Across Birth Cohorts and Countries
Vasco Ramos, Vida Česnuitytė, Karin Wall, Dominique Joye
3. A First Portrait of Personal Networks in a Comparative Perspective
Rita Gouveia, Gaëlle

Alwin, Duane F. - Social Networks and the Life Course, e-bok

Social Networks and the Life Course

Alwin, Duane F.


Theoretical Perspectives on Social Networks and the Life Course
1. Together Through Time – Social Networks and the Life Course
Duane F. Alwin, Diane H. Felmlee, Derek A. Kreager
2. Nine Ways That Social Relationships

Compston, Hugh - Policy Networks and Policy Change, e-bok

Policy Networks and Policy Change

Compston, Hugh


Policy Networks and Resource Dependency
Hugh Compston
3. Actors and Resources
Hugh Compston
4. Policy Network Theory as a Theory of Policy Change
Hugh Compston
5. Policy Network Theory and the Future of Public Policy
Hugh Compston