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Troxel, Ronald L. - Prophetic Literature: From Oracles to Books, e-bok

Prophetic Literature: From Oracles to Books

Troxel, Ronald L.


Prophetic Literature: From Oracles to Books presents an in-depth introduction to the origins and development of the Prophetic Books of the Old Testament, including an examination of the literary structure, authorship, and editorial processes that produced each book.   The

Stern, David - The Anthology in Jewish Literature, e-bok

The Anthology in Jewish Literature

Stern, David


The anthology is a ubiquitous presence in Jewish literature--arguably its oldest literary genre, going back to the Bible itself, and including nearly all the canonical texts of Judaism: the Mishnah, the Talmud, classical midrash, and the prayerbook. In the Middle Ages, the anthology became