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Burgoyne, Thomas - The Light of Egypt, e-bok

The Light of Egypt

Burgoyne, Thomas


Thomas Burgoyne and Norman Astley both claimed to have contacted members of the 'Brotherhood of Light', a group of advanced ethereal beings who attempt to guide the destiny of humankind. They collected their ideas in these writings, and founded the Hermetic…

Versluis, Arthur - The Esoteric Origins of the American Renaissance, e-bok

The Esoteric Origins of the American Renaissance

Versluis, Arthur


The term "Western esotericism" refers to a wide range of spiritual currents including alchemy, Hermeticism, Kabbala, Rosicrucianism, and Christian theosophy, as well as several practical forms of esotericism like cartomancy, geomancy, necromancy, alchemy, astrology, herbalism, and magic.

Smith, Diane - Wicca and Witchcraft For Dummies, e-bok

Wicca and Witchcraft For Dummies

Smith, Diane


Examines Wiccan magic, rituals, traditions, and code of conduct

Get the scoop on this ancient spiritual path

Wondering what it takes to be a Wiccan? This plain-English guide introduces you to the vibrant world of Wicca and the practices of Witchcraft, describing

McGrath, Alister E. - Dawkins' God: From The Selfish Gene to The God Delusion, e-bok

Dawkins' God: From The Selfish Gene to The God Delusion

McGrath, Alister E.


A fully updated new edition of a critically acclaimed examination of the theories and writings of Richard Dawkins by a world-renowned expert on the relation of science and religion

Includes in-depth analysis of Dawkins’ landmark treatise The God Delusion (2006), as well as coverage of his later popular works

Segal, Robert A. - The Blackwell Companion to the Study of Religion, e-bok

The Blackwell Companion to the Study of Religion

Segal, Robert A.


Also covers a diverse range of topical issues, such as the body, fundamentalism, magic, and new religious movements
Consists of 24 essays written by an outstanding team of international scholars
Reviews, within each chapter, an outline of a particular subfield

Anderson, Elizabeth - Modernist Women Writers and Spirituality, e-bok

Modernist Women Writers and Spirituality

Anderson, Elizabeth


Antiquarian Magic: Jane Harrison’s Ritual Theory and Hope Mirrlees’s Antiquarianism in Paris
Nina Enemark
8. Childish Things: Spirituality, Materiality and Creativity in Mary Butts’s The Crystal Cabinet
Elizabeth Anderson
9. Spectral Poetics