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Brewster, Murray - The Savage War: The Untold Battles of Afghanistan, e-bok

The Savage War: The Untold Battles of Afghanistan

Brewster, Murray


Murray Brewster provides tough-minded analysis and a critique of bureaucracy as well as revelations about corruption—sure to incite commentary and stir controversyIncludes eyewitness accounts, exclusive interviews, and access to classified documentsAn unflinching, unvarnished analysis of Canada's

Leonard, Glen M. - Massacre at Mountain Meadows, e-bok

Massacre at Mountain Meadows

Leonard, Glen M.


It also analyzes the influence of Brigham Young's rhetoric and military strategy during the infamous "Utah War" and the role of local Mormon militia leaders in enticing Paiute Indians to join in the attack. Throughout the book, the authors paint finely drawn portraits

Goody, Jack - Islam in Europe, e-bok

Islam in Europe

Goody, Jack


This vigorously argued book reveals the central role that Islam has played in European history. Following the movement of people, culture and religion from East to West, Goody breaks down the perceived opposition between Islam and Europe, showing Islam to be a part of Europe's past and present.

Jones, David Martin - Sacred Violence, e-bok

Sacred Violence

Jones, David Martin


Counterinsurgency (COIN): The Post-9/11 Military Revolution and Its Consequences
David Martin Jones, M. L. R. Smith
6. Non-Western Terror and Counterinsurgency: The Case of Jemaah Islamiyah
David Martin Jones, M. L. R. Smith
7. Beyond Belief: Islamist

Borg, Carmel - Lorenzo Milani’s Culture of Peace, e-bok

Lorenzo Milani’s Culture of Peace

Borg, Carmel


The History of World Peace in 100 Objects: Visualizing Peace in a Peace Museum
Peter Dungen
7. Responding to the Call of Peace: In Memory of a Future That Might Have Been
Clive Zammit
8. Peace Education in a Culture of War
Antonia Darder