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Falkenhayner, Nicole - Making the British Muslim, e-bok

Making the British Muslim

Falkenhayner, Nicole


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nicole Falkenhayner
Part I. The Rushdie Affair
2. Transnational Takeovers
Nicole Falkenhayner
3. Translation Failures
Nicole Falkenhayner
4. After the Fatwa
Nicole Falkenhayner
Part II. Figurations after the Event
5. The Fanatic Son
Nicole Falkenhayner

Watts, James W. - Understanding the Pentateuch as a Scripture, e-bok

Understanding the Pentateuch as a Scripture

Watts, James W.


Pentateuchal studies are known for intense focus on questions of how and when the first five books of the Bible were composed, edited, and canonized as scripture. Rather than such purely historical, literary, or theological approaches, Hebrew Bible scholar James W.