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Barrett, Justin L. - Religious Cognition in China, e-bok

Religious Cognition in China

Barrett, Justin L.


China as the Radical “Other”: Lessons for the Cognitive Science of Religion
Edward Slingerland
Part II. Testing Naturalness Theory Hypotheses in China
5. Promiscuous Teleology: From Childhood Through Adulthood and from West to East
Corey Kundert,

Lorimer, David - Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality, e-bok

Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality

Lorimer, David


David Lorimer has brought together an impressive list of contributors representing the diverse fields of physics, neuroscience, psychology, theology and moral philosophy: Denis Alexander, Bernard Carr, Chris Clarke, Guy Claxton, Peter Fenwick, David Fontana, John Habgood,

Kripal, Jeffrey J. - Comparing Religions: Coming to Terms, e-bok

Comparing Religions: Coming to Terms

Kripal, Jeffrey J.


Comparing Religions is a next-generation textbook written by one of the field’s most eminent  figures, which expertly guides, inspires, and challenges those who wish to think seriously about religious pluralism in the modern world.A unique…

Komjathy, Louis - Introducing Contemplative Studies, e-bok

Introducing Contemplative Studies

Komjathy, Louis


The first book-length introduction to an exciting new interdisciplinary field—written by an internationally recognized leader of the Contemplative Studies movement
This is the first book-length introduction to a growing and influential interdisciplinary…

Clarke, Steve - The Justification of Religious Violence, e-bok

The Justification of Religious Violence

Clarke, Steve


The first book specifically devoted to examining the logical structure of justifications of religious violenceSeeks to understand how justifications for religious violence are developed and how or if they differ from ordinary secular justifications of violenceExamines 3 widely employed premises used in