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Sandstad, Jennie Helene - Breathing Meditation as a Tool for Peace Work, e-bok

Breathing Meditation as a Tool for Peace Work

Sandstad, Jennie Helene


Table of contents
1. Author’s Perspective
Jennie Helene Sandstad
2. Research Interest and Research Question
Jennie Helene Sandstad
3. The Research Methods
Jennie Helene Sandstad
4. State Of The Art
Jennie Helene Sandstad
5. Peace Work, Traumas & The Here and Now
Jennie Helene Sandstad

Christie, Daniel J. - Enlarging the Scope of Peace Psychology, e-bok

Enlarging the Scope of Peace Psychology

Christie, Daniel J.


Toward a Socially Transformative Peace Psychology: Overview of the Symposium and Proceedings
Daniel J. Christie, Mohamed Seedat, Shahnaaz Suffla
2. The Imbalance Between Knowledge Paradigms of North and South: Implications for Peace Psychology
Siew Fang

Hamed, Adham - Speaking the Unspeakable, e-bok

Speaking the Unspeakable

Hamed, Adham


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Adham Hamed
2. Author’s Perspective and Primary Research Interest
Adham Hamed
3. State of the Art
Adham Hamed
4. The Transrational Model
Adham Hamed
5. Elicitive Conflict Mapping