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Hoare, Carol - Handbook of Adult Development and Learning, e-bok

Handbook of Adult Development and Learning

Hoare, Carol


Growing a Discipline at the Borders of Thought, Carol Hoare 2. Learning and Development: The Connection in Adulthood, Sharan B. Merriam and M. Carolyn Clark 3. Research Design and Methodological Issues for Adult Development and Learning, Grace I.L. Caskie and Sherry

Turkington, Carol A. - Memory: A Self-Teaching Guide, e-bok

Memory: A Self-Teaching Guide

Turkington, Carol A.


* Master the 3 keys of memory
* Boost memory power with self-tests
* Remember everything better, from names and faces to articles and speeches
Master key concepts. Prepare for exams. Learn at your own pace.
How does memory work? What kind of drugs can impair memory? How does the brain change with age?

Lidz, Carol S. - Early Childhood Assessment, e-bok

Early Childhood Assessment

Lidz, Carol S.


A new guide to conducting more comprehensive and meaningful psychological assessments of young children
Early Childhood Assessment presents a thorough, step-by-step approach to the comprehensive psychological assessment of young children. In addition…

Ryff, Carol D. - Emotion, Social Relationships, and Health, e-bok

Emotion, Social Relationships, and Health

Ryff, Carol D.


Introduction: Integrating Emotion into the Study of Social Relationships and Health, Carol D. Ryff and Burton H. Singer 2. Meta-Emotion, Children's Emotional Intelligence, and Buffering Children from Marital Conflict, John Gottman Commentary Victoria von Sadovszky

Armstrong, Carol L. - Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology, e-bok

Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology

Armstrong, Carol L.


Kao, Carol M. Greco, Suzanne L. Gharib, Sue R. Beers
20. HIV–AIDS: The Neurologic and Cognitive Consequences of HIV-1 Infection
David F. Tate, Robert H. Paul, Kinga Kertesz, Jared Conley, Troy Russell
21. Rheumatologic Conditions: Sjögren’s Syndrome,