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Pickren, Wade - A History of Modern Psychology in Context, e-bok

A History of Modern Psychology in Context

Pickren, Wade

Från 114,10€

The authors resist the traditional storylines of great achievements by eminent people, or schools of thought that rise and fall in the wake of scientific progress. Instead, psychology is portrayed as a network of scientific and professional practices embedded in specific

García, Adolfo M. - Neuroscience and Social Science, e-bok

Neuroscience and Social Science

García, Adolfo M.


Neurobiological Approaches to Interpersonal Coordination: Achievements and Pitfalls
Carlos Cornejo, Zamara Cuadros, Ricardo Morales
5. The Social Neuroscience of Attachment
Pascal Vrtička
6. Mind-Reading in Altruists and Psychopaths
Fatima Maria