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Totem and Taboo

Totem and Taboo

Freud, Sigmund


The four essays are entitled: The Horror of Incest; Taboo and Emotional Ambivalence; Animism, Magic and the Omnipotence of Thoughts; and The Return of Totemism in Childhood.

Moncrieff, Joanna - The Bitterest Pills, e-bok

The Bitterest Pills

Moncrieff, Joanna


Table of contents
1. Cure or Curse: What Are Antipsychotics?
Joanna Moncrieff
2. Chlorpromazine: The First Wonder Drug
Joanna Moncrieff
3. Magic Bullets: The Development of Ideas on Drug Action
Joanna Moncrieff
4. Building a House of Cards: The Dopamine Theory of Schizophrenia and Drug Action