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Browning, Mark - David Cronenberg: Author or Film-maker?, e-bok

David Cronenberg: Author or Film-maker?

Browning, Mark


For more than 30 years, David Cronenberg has produced films, mostly outside the Studio system, which continue to disturb, surprise and challenge audiences. He has also been repeatedly drawn to literary fiction for inspiration, adapting works by figures like William Burroughs, J.G. Ballard

Young, Skip Dine - Psychology at the Movies, e-bok

Psychology at the Movies

Young, Skip Dine


Psychology at the Movies explores the insights to be gained by applying various psychological lenses to popular films including cinematic depictions of human behavior, the psychology of filmmakers, and the impact of viewing movies. Uses the widest range of psychological approaches to explore

Morris, Penelope - Women in Italy, 1945–1960: An Interdisciplinary Study, e-bok

Women in Italy, 1945–1960: An Interdisciplinary Study

Morris, Penelope


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Penelope Morris
2. “What” as Ideal and “Who” as Real: Portraits of Wives and Mothers in Italian Postwar Domestic Manuals, Fiction, and Film
Rebecca West
3. Marriage, Motherhood, and the Italian Film Stars of the 1950s
Réka Buckley
4. From Bust to Boom: Women