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Toseland, Ronald W. - Education and Support Programs for Caregivers, e-bok

Education and Support Programs for Caregivers

Toseland, Ronald W.


Ethnic, Cultural, and Gender Issues in Conducting Caregiver Educational and Support Groups
Carole Cox
6. Caregiver Support Groups: Led by Peers, Professional, or Both
Meridean L. Maas, Janet P. Specht
7. Telehealth and Family Caregiving: Developments

Talley, Ronda C. - The Challenges of Mental Health Caregiving, e-bok

The Challenges of Mental Health Caregiving

Talley, Ronda C.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Caregiving to Promote Mental Health and Prevent Mental Illness
Ronda C Talley, Gregory L Fricchione, Benjamin G Druss
Part I. Developmental Issues in Mental Health Caregiving
2. The Impact of Caregiving on Physical and Mental Health: Implications for Research, Practice, Education,

Jameson, John Paul - Handbook of Rural School Mental Health, e-bok

Handbook of Rural School Mental Health

Jameson, John Paul


Development of Rural School Mental Health Initiatives: Rationale, Policies, Ethics, and Competencies
1. The Benefits of School Mental Health
Sharon A. Hoover, Ashley M. Mayworm
2. Building Policy Support for School Mental

Weist, Mark D. - Handbook of School Mental Health, e-bok

Handbook of School Mental Health

Weist, Mark D.


Table of contents
1. Further Advancing the Field of School Mental Health
Mark D. Weist, Nancy A. Lever, Catherine P. Bradshaw, Julie Sarno Owens
Part I. Foundations: Funding, Training, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration
2. Funding Expanded School Mental Health Programs
Nicole L. Cammack, Nicole Evangelista

Christenson, Sandra L. - Handbook of Research on Student Engagement, e-bok

Handbook of Research on Student Engagement

Christenson, Sandra L.


Part III Commentary: Socio-Cultural Contexts, Social Competence, and Engagement at School
Kathryn Wentzel
24. The Relationship Between Engagement and High School Dropout
Russell W. Rumberger, Susan Rotermund
25. High School Reform and Student Engagement

Landis, Dan - Handbook of Ethnic Conflict, e-bok

Handbook of Ethnic Conflict

Landis, Dan


Ethno-Cultural Conflict in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Balancing Indigenous Rights and Multicultural Responsibilities
Colleen Ward, James H. Liu
4. The Moro Struggle and the Challenge to Peace Building in Mindanao, Southern Philippines
Cristina J. Montiel, Rudy

Jones, David W. - Emotion, e-bok


Jones, David W.


‘Be Quiet and Listen’: Emotion, Public Policy and Social Totality
Andrew Cooper
14. Emotions and Contemporary Developments in Criminology
Loraine Gelsthorpe
15. Emotional Literacy in Schools: A Psychosocial Perspective
Heather Price