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L'Abate, Luciano - Beyond the Systems Paradigm, e-bok

Beyond the Systems Paradigm

L'Abate, Luciano


The (Slow but Sure) Rise of Attachment Theory, Communication, and Relationship Science
Luciano L’Abate
5. Relational Competence Theory: Toward a Comprehensive Classification of Human Relationships
Luciano L’Abate

Gray, Wayne D. - Integrated Models of Cognitive Systems, e-bok

Integrated Models of Cognitive Systems

Gray, Wayne D.


Composition and Control of Integrated Cognitive Systems, Wayne D. Gray 2. Cognitive Control in a Computational Model of the Predator Pilot, Kevin A. Gluck, Jerry T. Ball, and Michael A. Krusmark 3. Some History of Human Performance Modeling, Richard W. Pew Section

Remington, Roger - Introduction to Humans in Engineered Systems, e-bok

Introduction to Humans in Engineered Systems

Remington, Roger


Written by highly experienced authors in this field, this book takes a control theory perspective and uses control diagrams to illustrate the relationships and interactions between the various knowledge areas and applications. A web-based archive of articles, cases,