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Ormrod, James S. - Fantasy and Social Movements, e-bok

Fantasy and Social Movements

Ormrod, James S.


Introduction: Fantasy and Social Movements in Context
James S. Ormrod
Part I. Fantasy in Constellation: Fantasy, Reality, the Unconscious, Action and the Collective
2. Fantasy in

Ryder, Richard D. - Nelson, Hitler and Diana, e-bok

Nelson, Hitler and Diana

Ryder, Richard D.


Clinical psychologist Richard Ryder approaches three iconic celebrities - Horatio Nelson, Adolph Hitler, and Diana Princess of Wales - as though they were his patients and presents a short psycho-biography of each. Beneath their obvious differences he…

Nobus, Dany - The Law of Desire, e-bok

The Law of Desire

Nobus, Dany


Table of contents
1. A New Ethical System
Dany Nobus
2. Lacan Reads Kant
Dany Nobus
3. Sade’s Kantian Maxim
Dany Nobus
4. Regarding the Pain of Others
Dany Nobus
5. Ineluctable Libertine Pleasures
Dany Nobus
6. The Sadean Fantasy
Dany Nobus
7. Surely, It Is Just a Fantasy!

Frosh, Stephen - Psychosocial Imaginaries, e-bok

Psychosocial Imaginaries

Frosh, Stephen


The Demise of the Analogue Mind: Digital Primal Fantasies and the Technologies of Loss-less-ness
Amber Jacobs
8. The Vicissitudes of Postcolonial Citizenship and Belonging in Late Liberalism
Sasha Roseneil
9. Knowing and Not Knowing: Implicatory Denial

Dickstein, Jonathan Michael - Lacan and the Nonhuman, e-bok

Lacan and the Nonhuman

Dickstein, Jonathan Michael


Do Electric Sheep Dream of Androids?: On the Place of Fantasy in Consideration of the Nonhuman
Calum Neill
12. ASMR Mania, Trigger-Chasing, and the Anxiety of Digital Repletion
Hugh S. Manon
13. For the Love of Nonhumanity: Anxiety, the Phallus, Transference,

Barlow, Nigel May - Re-Think: How to Think Differently, e-bok

Re-Think: How to Think Differently

Barlow, Nigel May


Buy a new newspaper? Take a different route home? Say ‘yes’ to everything your partner asks? Invent new rituals for your family? Surround yourself with beauty? Try a first take at the creative fantasy sleeping in the attic of your mind? Find a new hero?

Smith, Peter K. - Children and Play: Understanding Children's Worlds, e-bok

Children and Play: Understanding Children's Worlds

Smith, Peter K.


Using both contemporary and classic research, Smith examines how different age groups and sexes participate in a wide variety of play, including exercise and rough-and- tumble play, fantasy play and imaginary friends, and play with objects. The book gauges the function