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Howells, Christina - Mortal Subjects, e-bok

Mortal Subjects

Howells, Christina


This wide ranging and challenging book explores the relationship between subjectivity and mortality as it is understood by a number of twentieth-century French philosophers including Sartre, Lacan, Levinas and Derrida. Making intricate and sometimes unexpected…

Decker, Jessica Elbert - Borderlands and Liminal Subjects, e-bok

Borderlands and Liminal Subjects

Decker, Jessica Elbert


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Borderlands and Liminality Across Philosophy and Literature
Jessica Elbert Decker, Dylan Winchock
Part I. National Borderlands
2. Ethics at the Border: Transmitting Migrant Experiences
Filippo Menozzi

Daly, Glyn - Conversations with Zizek, e-bok

Conversations with Zizek

Daly, Glyn


In this new book, Slavoj Žižek and Glyn Daly engage in a series of entertaining conversations which illustrate the originality of Žižek’s thinking on psychoanalysis, philosophy, multiculturalism, popular/cyber culture, totalitarianism, ethics and…

Geach, Mary - Logic, Truth and Meaning, e-bok

Logic, Truth and Meaning

Geach, Mary


Fourth in the series of volumes containing collections of papers of philosopher G.E.M. Anscombe, tackling various subjects and including a reprint of Anscombe's 'Introduction to Wittgenstein's Tractatus'.

Crawford, Robert - Is God a Scientist?, e-bok

Is God a Scientist?

Crawford, Robert


The Subjects of the Experiment
Robert Crawford
7. The Test
Robert Crawford
8. The Action of the Divine Scientist
Robert Crawford
9. The End of the Experiment
Robert Crawford
10. Objections to the Model of the Divine Scientist.

Bird, Graham - A Companion to Kant, e-bok

A Companion to Kant

Bird, Graham


This Companion provides an authoritative survey of the whole range of Kant’s work, giving readers an idea of its immense scope, its extraordinary achievement, and its continuing ability to generate philosophical interest.
Written by an international cast of scholars.
Covers all the major works of the critical philosophy,