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Will, James E. - A Contemporary Theology for Ecumenical Peace, e-bok

A Contemporary Theology for Ecumenical Peace

Will, James E.


Table of contents
1. History’s Ambiguous Tide toward Divine Peace
James E. Will
2. Universal Creator and Historical Redeemer
James E. Will
3. Just Love: The Integral Relation of Love and Justice
James E. Will
4. The Ecumenical…

Oakeshott, Michael - What Is History?, e-bok

What Is History?

Oakeshott, Michael


The collection also reproduces a substantial wartime essay ‘On Peace with Germany’. There are two new essays on the philosophy of education, and the essay which gives the work its title, ‘What is History?’, is just one of over half a dozen discussions of the

Abraham, Kochurani - Feminist Cyberethics in Asia, e-bok

Feminist Cyberethics in Asia

Abraham, Kochurani


Sacralizing Time and Space through an Epistemology of Peace: A Feminist Reading of DiscipleSFX of Malaysia
Sharon A. Bong
9. From Cyberchurch to Faith Apps Religion 2.0 on the Rise?
Pauline Hope Cheong
Part IV. Spirituality in the Digital Age

Solomon, David - Ritual and the Moral Life, e-bok

Ritual and the Moral Life

Solomon, David


Ritual, Harmony, and Peace and Order: A Confucian Conception of Ritual
Jonathan Chan
13. The Traditional Ritual Project
George Khushf
14. Renewing Ritual Cultures: Paternal Authority, Filial Piety, and the Ethos of Self-Submission in Christianity and

Lucena, Juan - Engineering Education for Social Justice, e-bok

Engineering Education for Social Justice

Lucena, Juan


Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace: Strategies for Educational and Professional Reform
Dean Nieusma
3. Power. Systems. Engineering. Traveling Lines of Resistance in Academic Institutions
Donna M. Riley
Part III. Conceptual Contributions to ESJ

Scapp, Ron - Living with Class, e-bok

Living with Class

Scapp, Ron


When Prosperity Is Built on Poverty, There Can Be No Foundation for Peace, as Poverty and Peace Don’t Stand Hand in Hand
Pepi Leistyna
18. Solon the Athenian and the Origins of Class Struggle
Thomas Thorp
19. Memories of Class and Youth in the Age